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.. im staying in portland. i have a job now and shit.

i really miss seattle right now. I received two well needed phone calls from seattle folk telling me about the snow. and about murder city devils at the cha cha. dann gallucci was my high school crush... you have no idea. and i just want to hold someone im particlar's hand and drink beer in the snow and throw snowballs at their face right now :( 3 hours and slippery roads are between us. total bum sess.


get a shitty job. live in portland. apply to law schools. get jesica to live here with me either in SE or in NE with all the hot queers and hipsters seeking cheap rents. move out of portland and either back to seattle or to the bay area... whichever city accepts me and is home to the better school. graduate law school. work. have lots of boyfriends and girlfriends until someone catches my interest. have babies. support family. buy glass dildo. die.
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I'm thinking about moving back to Seattle. I miss it. And I miss my friends. Portland is too small for me and too spread out. And almost too hippie for me. And the jobs pay shitty. But at the same time I feel like maybe I haven't stuck around enough to let it grow on me. I will be living with Graham if I move back to Seattle while I look for a job there, and then if things dont work out with that I have like 5 different couches I can sleep on. But then I'd have to figure out what the hell to do with my apartment in Portland. I'm on a lease until the end of July. haha really I only pay $175 for my rent in Portland because ma and pa pay for the rest until May. Anyways, please advise interweb on where i should live. i'm really 50/50 at this point, but being in seattle right now where i've had offers for couches and been told to move back is making me lean towards Seattle.
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August 5th or 6th. Say your good byes now. I'm busy until pretty much Wednesday next week.

I got asked by someone at the wild rose if they could take me to dinner haha. I said yes. They were a lot older and wore a V8 t shirt and sweat pants, how could i resist? I also got a message from THE bike messenger girl. She said I was cute and told me to move to Portland. I said yes.
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my so called life.

I've been having a blast these last few weeks. And I finally cleaned all the various bodily fluids and make up off of my sheets, so life is good. It makes me want to not leave. And yes, I will admit that even crossed my mind. Especially because I dont even have anywhere to live in Portland still and I told my work and the people I rent from I'd be moving around the 1st. Both my apartment and job here in Seattle are flexible on end dates though so that's good at least.

Hopefully I will know what is going on after this weekend. More apartment hunting. But in the meantime, it is likely that Saturday at the block party will be my last time hanging out with anyone. And if you're not going to the block party, you should be arranging to meet me on Friday night somewhere. I'm not planning any official goodbye thing. Because i'm not soft. I'm hard... whatever that's supposed to mean.

Check out my new metal face. It's like I'm 20 all over again. Except it looks a lot better with a 10g hole than a 14g. Makes me look more masculine.

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gay shame/pride

Pride on Friday made me remember why I should probably stick to just fucking girls and not dating them. lots of unneeded random drama out of nowhere that weirded me out. But the night improved because I was hanging out with awesome people. Pride on Saturday though reminded me why i love homos, and it was pure ridiculousness. Im surprised I can even still move. I missed the parade though this morning because of couch sleeping and walking around capitol hill until 7am. Combination of events that happened this weekend almost made me wish I wasn't moving to Portland, but Aug 1st is still my prospective moving date.
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Well that was kinda depressing. Most of it im like "NO WAY!... well. maybe. but only a little."
oh well.

Does anyone have a mini trampoline I can borrow??? I need it to possibly participate in a wet t shirt contest at The Wild Rose.

oh and hello. im single. *hi Becky!*
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